Mr. President, Where are your Priorities?

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As Jay pointed out, the President has resorted to scare tactics aimed at the most economically vulnerable members of our society. His threat that there soon won’t be enough incoming revenue to send Social Security checks to those who depend on them to survive is not only politically motivated and factually dishonest, but also morally vacant.

Jay refers to news reports and charts that explain how we will continue to have the revenue to pay for our debt obligations, troop salaries, veterans care, and entitlement programs – including Social Security. All of this is possible even if there isn’t an increase in the debt ceiling.

So the fundamental question becomes: “Mr. President, if you don’t plan to send Social Security checks, what is it that you plan to pay for instead?”

Let me explain. If the President doesn’t view the items listed in these charts as the highest spending priorities, he must believe that some other discretionary spending programs are more important. The American People deserve to know what those preferred programs are. Since the current negotiations are taking place behind closed doors instead of through the regular budgetary process (remember, the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in more than 800 days), we don’t really know what the President believes to be the most important.

Maybe he believes that $363 million for Planned Parenthood is more important than Social Security payments.

Maybe it’s the more than $500 million annually that we send to the Palestinian Authority – including the terrorist group, Hamas.

Or maybe it’s something on this list of non-essential spending that the President isn’t willing to forego. Is it the $864 million annually that is used to secure even more office space for the ever-growing federal government? Or maybe the $445 million annually that subsidizes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting?

Let me be clear that not all of the programs that we are currently unable to afford are bad. But we deserve to know which ones the President supports.

The Gospels tell us that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. That’s exactly what our national spending habits reveal. This is about more than dollars and cents. It’s about where our treasure is. And it’s high time for the President to tell us what exactly it is that he’s putting ahead of Social Security checks.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.

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