Obama Administration Dishonest, ‘Reckless' In Rush to Repeal DADT

Liberty Alerts, Tierney Smith, CNSNews.com

Conservative leaders are calling the Obama administration’s recent moves to enable homosexuals to serve openly in the military both “dishonest” and “reckless.” The Obama administration announced Friday that it was ready to “certify” the repeal of the 1993 “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” statute, which would allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military 60 days after certification of the repeal.

Robert Knight, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union, told CNSNews.com, “I think the word ‘reckless’ best describes the Obama administration’s rush to introduce open homosexuality into the nation’s armed forces.” “This process has been rife with dishonesty, junk science, media manipulation and contempt for our men and women serving in harm’s way,” said Knight. “The misrepresentation of the personnel survey was a masterpiece of deception.”

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