Fomenters of Discord and Power Seekers

Called Unto Liberty, Joseph Smith Jr., 19th Century Sermons

Unity is power; and when I reflect on the importance of it to the stability of all government, I am astounded at the silly moves of persons and parties to foment discord in order to ride into power on the current of popular excitement; nor am I less surprised at the stretches of power or restrictions of right which too often appear as acts of legislators to pave the way to some favorite political scheme as destitute of intrinsic merit as a wolf’s heart is of the milk of human kindness. A Frenchman would say, “Presque tout aimer richesses et pouvoir.” (Almost all men like wealth and power.)

Source: Joseph Smith Jr., 1844, The Documentary History of the Church Volume 6, p. 198. Joseph Smith Jr. (1805 – 1844) was the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church’s first president.

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