Ground Zero Cross Goal Met – Keep the Momentum Going

Liberty Alerts, American Center for Law and Justice

Last week I told you that we needed at least 72,000 Americans to join our brief to support the Ground Zero Cross online.

I am happy to report that just a few minutes ago we exceeded this goal. Over 72,000 of you have now taken a stand to defend this 9/11 memorial, representing the 72% of Americans who support the Cross, and over 10,000 of you have shared this Committee on Facebook. Thank you very much for taking a stand to defend this actual piece of 9/11 history.

It is crucial that we keep this momentum going. We have just a few days left before we file our brief with the court. It is not too late to still join our brief by signing on to the Committee to Protect the Ground Zero Cross.

Together we are taking a stand against the atheists who are trying to strip this Cross from the story of 9/11, and together we are helping to ensure that the Cross will remain for future generations. Thank you for your help, and please keep the momentum going by continuing to share this Committee on Facebook and Twitter.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.

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