Laying Claim Upon the Higher Law

The Moral Liberal with Steve Farrell

In his Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765) familiar to American colonial students of law, Sir William Blackstone said:

Man, considered as a creature, must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator. … This will of his Maker is called the law of nature. … This law of nature … is binding over all the globe … at all times: no human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all their force, and all their authority, mediately or immediately, from this original. … If any human law should allow or enjoin us to commit it [murder], we are bound to transgress that human law, or else we must offend both the natural and the divine.

This then is that Higher Law the Founders so often referred to and held up as the true and just standard against tyranny. It is that law to which generations of Englishmen before them clung as they marched upward, ever so gradually, with ever so many setbacks to secure individual rights. It was, in other words, God’s Law as written in that revelation from God to every man called Reason, and Conscience, or the Light of Christ. And as one reads farther into Blackstone, one realizes as well that it is that same Law he said on can confirm as valid by reading the testimony of the Prophets of God and the very Son of God as found in the Holy Scriptures.

And yet there is another Higher source of confirmation available to all men. Let any man, any woman, thoughtfully study the law in question, faithfully live it, persistently ponder it, and then come to his Maker in humble prayer with sincere heart, and real intent, and into the heart and mind of that faithful soul will come “the more sure witness,” the Holy Ghost. And let that answer come,  and then there will be fire for the deed indeed! Then there will be that bold, fearless, persistent, insightful defender of liberty from that hour forward, the sort that so many others lean upon.

And in this day of thick darkness and confusion where the enemy rages everywhere with falsehood and propaganda and anger and violence against that which is good and right and true and eternal, don’t we need such men and women? And where else should and ought they turn if they really want to know, know through and through, so as to endure every test, to come off conqueror in the end?

And if God-given rights for all men and all nations are to be known, understood, believed, and upheld; and laws in violation of these identified, understood as such, repulsed, and nullified; doesn’t it behoove that nation that was founded for the very purpose of creating a society of laws to uphold inalienable rights, and doesn’t it behoove that nation who’s very Founders testified of God’s intervention to secure those rights, that its people humbly return to the Great Source of those rights? For might it not be asked in all fairness by that same God, ‘For how know a people the Law, and how claim they the protection of the Great Giver of that Law, when that people no longer study it, teach it, live it, honor it, and defend it?’

Reason and Conscience know the answer, the Holy Scriptures contain the answer, the Prophets and the Christ lived and taught the answer, and the Holy Spirit, that “more sure witness,” will freely give and confirm the answer. We just have to humbly and sincerely put our questions to the test and then be committed to follow through and do what God tasks us to do.


Steve Farrell is one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, (1999–2008), the author of the highly praised inspirational novel Dark Rose, and Founder and Editor in Chief of  The Moral Liberal.