Some Good Advice

George Albert Smith

Called Unto Liberty, George Albert Smith, 20th Century Sermons

It is important that our liberties be preserved, and all should be interested, and it seems to me that we can be consistent Church members and take part in politics, while we accord to others the privileges we claim for ourselves. We should be deeply concerned in the welfare of the nation, and sustain good and great men, as the Lord has commanded us, in order that we may continue to enjoy freedom . . . .

Remember that, after the great political nations of this world have crumbled and fallen to decay, the Church of Jesus Christ, with which you are identified, will be in existence, and the Master Himself will continue to be its head. Let us not become so worked up in our feelings that we shut our eyes to the greater blessings, to the most important thing, the salvation of our souls.(6) Let us not ally ourselves with bodies of men who would tear down and break in pieces this government, that was founded under the inspiration of God the Eternal Father. We cannot belong to any political party that is opposed to this free government and be consistent Latter-day Saints.


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Source: George Albert Smith, The Annual and Semi-annual Conference Reports of the Church 4/14, p. 11. George Albert Smith (1870-1951) served as the eighth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints..