Have You Heard the Latest Buzz Re a Jeb Bush/Rubio Ticket?

Jeb Bush 2012?

Political Humor, Wit, and Sarcasm from TML Senior Editor, Diane Alden

Writing in her Facebook blog this morning, Diane Alden pontificates:

Fox and Friends … Have you heard about the latest BUZZ re a ticket of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio?

Get me a razor .. it’s vein slitting time. Want to LOSE the next election, throw JEB BUSH into the fray. This is SO being manipulated and so are you. Tea Party better recognize they got their WORK cut out for them and so have Americans if they don’t want yet another feckless globalist compassionate conservative elitist moron in the White House.”

Yes, typical Alden; and No, she’s not a “dyed in the wool, true blue through and through” Republican. Just a “dyed in the wool, true blue through and through” truth-teller and Patriot. And our Senior Editor …


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