Obama Calls Himself ‘Warrior for the Middle Class’

Liberty Alerts, Fred Lucas, CNSNews.com

President Barack Obama told Democratic donors that he doesn’t mind being accused of class warfare, even saying that he wears it as a “badge of honor.” He also said Republicans want to return to prosperity through “cheap labor and dirty air.”

“Now, you’re already hearing the Republicans in Congress dusting off the old talking points. You can write their press releases. Class warfare, they say,” Obama said at a Democratic National Committee event in Gotham Hall in New York City on Tuesday night.

“You know what? If asking a billionaire to pay the same rate as a plumber or a teacher makes me a warrior for the middle class, I wear that charge as a badge of honor,” Obama told the crowd, getting applause. “I wear it as a badge of honor. Because the only class warfare I’ve seen is the battle that’s been waged against middle-class folks in this country for a decade now.”

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