Tough Questions About Awlaki, Citizenship, and Treason

By Pat Buchanan

Friday morning, Predator drones operated by the and Joint Special Operations Command rendezvoused over Yemen and launched Hellfire missiles that blew to pieces the radical cleric .

A declared enemy in the was eliminated.

Yet Awlaki was a U.S. citizen.

Reps. and denounced the action. Kucinich said President Obama “trampled on the Constitution.” Paul said Awlaki had never been convicted. “Nobody knows if he killed anybody.” Paul described what was done as “assassinating” an American.

Did we have the right to target and kill Awlaki?

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According to U.S. intelligence, Awlaki inspired or incited the Fort Hood massacre and Times Square bomber. Intelligence officials say he played a direct role in the attempt to bring down an airliner over Detroit at Christmas 2009. That would make him an accomplice in attempted mass murder.

Indeed, there is more hard evidence tying Awlaki to acts of terror against the United States than there ever was tying to acts of terror against us.

Yet it is also true that Awlaki was never convicted of these crimes. What, then, is the legal case for killing him?

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