The New Second Front in the War Against Terrorism

Incoming President of Brazil Supports Terrorism and Will Implement Anti-American Policies

By David T. Pyne, Esq

Play It Again Sam! (A Look Back on the meeting of Bush and Lula da Silva of Brazil: December 19, 2002)

At the meeting between President Bush and President Elect Lula da Silva of Brazil at the White House Tuesday, the US called for increased cooperation between the US and Brazil in counterterrorist and counternarcotic efforts. This is especially ironic considering that last December, Lula led a meeting of his Forum of Sao Paulo organization he founded in Cuba at which all of the participants including representatives from every Communist-aligned party and radical terrorist group in Latin America including the FARC and ELN narcoterrorists express their united opposition to the US-led war on terrorism. Representatives from terrorist groups from Europe and the Middle East and from rogue states and state sponsors of terror including Iraq, Cuba, Libya and North Korea were also in attendance at the meetings of this group both last year and earlier this month in Guatemala.

Constantine Menges, a noted Latin America analyst, has reported that this year’s meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo included condemnations of NATO troops who they allege “perpetrated genocide in Kosovo” and US troops who they alleged “massacred the population of Afghanistan” and “torture” the captured Al Queda prisoners in Guantanamo. The Forum also alleged that “Israel continues to carry out a systematic policy of murdering Palestinians…with full US support.” The Forum concluded by condemning President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in no uncertain terms as the “axis of evil.” Since this group was formed by Lula himself in 1990 to coordinate the advance of Marxism in Latin America, we can be confident that Lula shares many if not most of their views and that many of these positions will be adopted by the incoming Lula administration as it strengthens its hold on power. Menges also reports that Lula’s political party, the PT, has established a committee in solidarity with the FARC and ELN Communist insurgents in Columbia. It has expressed full solidarity with Yassir Arafat and the PLO. Three years ago, the PT established a party-to-party “strategic partnership” with the Communist Party of China.

While still serving as US Assistant Secretary of State Otto Reich met with Lula a few weeks ago in preparation for his summit with President Bush. Reich stated that the Administration actually wants to increase cooperation with Brazil over security issues citing “information that there are people in Brazil that are giving financial assistance to terrorist groups in the Middle East, specifically to Hezbollah.” The border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay is viewed by the State Department as a “focal point for Islamic extremism.” Brazil has denied well-supported US allegations that terrorist organizations are operating in the country.

Reich brought a message of support for Lula and stated the US could use its influence with international leaders to increase financial aid to Brazil. Reich stated that because Brazil was a world economic power, “to the extent Brazil is weak, it hurts us.” He promised “we are going to do everything we can to help.” Shortly after Reich’s meeting with Lula, the World Bank declared its willingness to provide an additional $10 billion over and above the $30 billion it promised in September to shore up Brazil’s shaky economy. Reich has downplayed comparisons between Lula, a longtime Marxist firebrand and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who was also democratically elected but who has since ruled as an authoritarian and employed extraconstitutional and undemocratic means to retain his hold on power. This despite the fact that Lula in addition to expressing his admiration for Fidel Castro has cited his good friend, Chavez as “an example to emulate” if he were to be elected President.

It is increasingly apparent that beginning next month when the newly elected Marxist President-Elects of Brazil and Ecuador are sworn into power, Latin America will be fast on its way to becoming America’s new second front in the war against terrorism. That being the case, it will be imperative that Latin America assumes its rightful place on the forefront of America’s foreign policy concerns behind only the Sino-Russian axis of nations in importance. America cannot afford to neglect what is going on with its southern neighbors any longer. The price of that neglect has already been far too high-another 190 million people are set to fall under Marxist domination-a disaster for the cause of freedom, which has been unparalleled during the past fifty years. The Administration must act quickly to shore up our continental defenses by withdrawing tens of thousands of American troops from Europe, the Middle East and Asia and re-occupy the Panama Canal, which is well on its way to becoming the new front line in America’s war against global terrorism. ***


David T Pyne currently serves as DUV-PAC Chairman, President of the Utah Republican Assembly, and as Vice President for the Association of the United States Army’s Utah Chapter. A former national security expert, he has served as President of the Center for the National Security Interest, worked as a defense contractor and International Programs Manager, as an International Analyst for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Department of the Navy, and as a Research Assistant for the Center for Security Policy.