To Those With a Conscience

By Ricky Valadez

I believe in the unseen moral laws just as I believe in the unseen physical laws. As one can learn and master the laws of gravity and aerodynamics to take flight into the atmosphere, so can one learn and master the laws of morality and self-mastery to be lifted to a higher plane.

The Function of the Universal Laws

The universe is governed by laws.  There are two common characteristics in all of the universal laws.

Common characteristic number one: Every law functions by cause and effect.  Every action has a reaction according to the respective law or laws.  According to the law of gravity, a marble, rolling off of a table will fall to the floor.

Common characteristic number two: No matter who rolls the marble, it will still fall to the floor.  Laws do not recognize nor respect persons or things.  They do no adjust themselves.  They are constant and unchangeable.   Ignorance to a law does not negate its function. It is impossible to bypass the effects of a natural law.  Therefore, laws apply themselves to all, individually and collectively.  The actions that yield success or failure are the same for an individual, a family, a community, or a nation.

Logic and Reason, Half of the Human Intellect

By our senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell we perceive the physical world.  We are also all endowed with intellectual faculties, including reason and logic, which enable us to recognize consistency and balance along with their respective opposites.  With such conclusions we can ascertain the functions of laws.

The more you learn about a particular law, the more you discover which actions produce certain results.  With this knowledge you have more options and more capacity to choose.  Freedom is the ability to physically execute your choice.  A capacity to choose can exist without freedom, but freedom cannot exist without a capacity to choose.

You can choose the action and subject yourself to the consequence or you can choose the consequence and subject yourself to the action, but you cannot choose them both, as they are fixed.  Justice binds the action to the reaction.  The law is always justified.

One who masters the law is one who understands that he is continually and inevitably subject to it, and has an understanding of every action and reaction associated with it.

Although the birds fly high above the ground, they are not avoiding the law of gravity.  They, in fact, are using the law of gravity and the laws of aerodynamics to become masters of the sky.

Inspired by the birds, the curiosity of man has aroused him to study and understand those same laws.  By strict observance of those laws man is enabled to use them to achieve his desired result.  The speed and angle of the wing creates wind pressure.  If the bottom pressure is greater than the top pressure it creates lift.  When the lift is greater than the weight, the plane begins to climb.  There are many laws involved in this phenomenon.  The laws are so consistent that, once understood, one can create a detailed plan and know the results before it is ever executed.

You can allow your environment to govern you, or you can govern your environment.

Conscience, the Other Half of the Human Intellect

Along with reason and logic, our intellectual faculties include a sense of justice or right and wrong.  Our sense of justice manifests itself through emotions such as compassion and guilt.  This enables us to perceive consistency and balance.  It is also referred to as the conscience, which comes from Latin meaning with knowledge.  All of these intellectual faculties are central to human intelligence, and crucial to our ability to perceive truth.  All intelligent beings have them to some degree.

The human conscience is a compass to moral laws.

The universal laws are synonymous with truth.  Truth does not contradict itself.  It cannot because all truth is interconnected as part of the great whole.  Therefore, learning about one law will consequently illuminate parts of other laws as well.  When you light a candle in a darkened room, not only do you see the candle, but you discover that there are other candles nearby to be lit as well.  The more you light, the more you discover, until the entire room is illuminated.

Physical laws and moral laws are one and the same.  Through experimentation we can observe physical laws by our five physical senses.  We can document immediate tangible results.  Although the moral law does yield tangible results, we must rely primarily on the conscience for immediate tangible results.

In observing the moral laws, we must consider non-physical actions and non-physical reactions.  There are laws that govern the reactions of thoughts.  The reaction of a thought can manifest itself in feelings, words, and physical actions.

Moral laws apply to physical actions and reactions, and physical laws apply to moral actions and reactions as well.  Laws, like truth, cannot be separated.  There is one universe filled with matter and intelligence, and the laws that govern actions are intertwined with the laws that govern thoughts.  All are part of the great whole.

The tangible products of thoughts take longer to reveal themselves.  Every physical action is preceded by a thought.  As the seed takes time to grow into a tree, so do thoughts take time to solidify into physical reactions.  Some consequences to moral actions don’t come to full fruition until after this life.  Those that trust their mental faculties don’t have to wait for the physical evidence to emerge in order to recognize the reaction.  The human conscience recognizes the reaction immediately.

Law vs. Commandment

The law of heat convection states that heat will spontaneously transfer from regions of high temperature to regions of low temperature, approaching thermal equilibrium.  If you touch fire you’ll get burned.

A loving mother will tell her young child to stay away from the hot stove.  This is a commandment.  The child can break the commandment, and put his hand on the hot stove, but the child cannot bypass the law and avoid the burn.  When the child grows older and understands the law, the commandment reverses, but the law is the same.  He will then be commanded to make dinner for himself and the rest of the family.  Once he understands the law, he has a responsibility to use his knowledge for good.  The purpose of the two commandments is the same, therefore there is no contradiction between them.  The child may not know everything about the law of heat convection, but he knows enough to avoid a painful consequence and to achieve his desired results.

God is the master of all of the laws of the universe.  He uses his knowledge to create worlds without end, allowing His desired results to dictate His actions.

God, as a loving Father, gives us commandments to help us avoid painful consequences that will inevitably come from certain actions.  As we learn and grow, we begin to understand more and more the purpose of certain commandments.

One of Gods commandments is chastity.  We are commanded not to have sexual relations outside of marriage.  Before marriage the commandment is no sex.  One can choose to break the commandment and indulge in a promiscuous lifestyle, but once this is done, there is no power that can revoke the consequences.  Diseases, damaged relationships, mistrust, and parentless children are only a few of the consequences.  Unlike the stove, not only do you burn yourself, but you burn others as well.  Upon lawful marriage, the commandment reverses and sexual relations between the two partners are encouraged.  The married partners now have the responsibility nurture the conjugal relationship through intimacy, and raise children in a loving stable family environment.  The parents may not know everything about the laws concerning chastity, but they know enough to avoid pain and to achieve happiness.

Physical Law and Moral Law Are Inseparable

In modern times, there seems to be growing contradiction between physical laws and moral laws, forming an ever-widening chasm between the two.

One example of this is the teaching that truth is relative to each individual.  Some believe that each person has their own moral code.  That would mean that the consequence for lying would only affect those that believe it is wrong, while those that don’t would be excused from the consequences.

This claim is a fallacy.  If moral truth were relative, then physical truth would have to be relative as well.  If gravity only affected those who believed in it, then there would be consistency between the two laws.  But it doesn’t.  The incongruence of this teaching, in conjunction with physical laws, proves its falsity.  It can only exist in the mind of a person that has severed logic and reason from his intellect.  Such moral laws could only exist if physical laws were destroyed.

Moral science has also been the victim of a great onslaught in the name of physical science.  The same fallacy is continually made from the opposite point of view.

When a physical law claims that stealing from one class and giving to another, or the abortion of pre-born infants, will bring positive results, the moral laws pertaining to theft and murder stand in contradiction.  Such physical laws could only exist if moral laws were destroyed.

The attempt to rationalize moral laws out of existence by the use of physical laws is an insult to every human that appreciates the gift of conscience, it is also an insult to the entire universe, claiming that the laws by which it functions are ruthlessly cannibalizing each other.  Such physical laws can only be convincing to those that have carved their conscience out of their intellect.  It is plastic surgery for the mind, eliminating the half that inclines one to care for others and self.

If the moral and physical laws disagree, then they cannot be universal, but man-made.

Man-made physical science teaches that moral law doesn’t exist, and man-made moral science teaches that physical law doesn’t exist.  Moral law and physical law are inseparable in truth.

The person who attempts to separate the two is butchering his mind, pitting his senses against each other, and tearing apart his soul.

Logic + Conscience = Complete Intellect

We are all endowed with intelligence, including our ability to reason, and our sense of justice or right and wrong.  Reason and logic occur in our thoughts and they enable us to perceive the effects of physical laws.  Our sense of justice or right and wrong occurs in our emotions and enables us to perceive the effects of moral laws. If something is true, then it will corroborate with all of the mental faculties, and not just part.  If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  Likewise, if you build your understanding of the world on two separate foundations, it will eventually tear apart and crumble to the ground, leaving only the scattered fragments of truth.  And you must place the remaining rudiments together, and reconstruct from there.

Every action has one or more reactions that follow it, and every reaction has one or more actions that precede it.  In modern times, the seeds of actions, that are contrary to the commandments of the moral law, have sprouted into the awful physical consequences that are emerging throughout the world. The peace or calamity of the world directly correlates with the moral state of humanity.  I submit that the calamities of the world result more from the moral actions than the physical actions of society. Too many children are burning their bodies with the stove and the decaying flesh is poisoning the planet.  Moreover, too many of those that know of the consequences, are standing idly and simply watching it happen.

I too, have seen others get burned as I watched without warning them, and I’ve been witnessing my country heading for destruction as well.  I resolve to satisfy my whole intellect and confidently stand for truth.  Although some may disagree, I prefer to be true to myself than to be a divided soul.  The time for standing idly by has passed, and the time to choose is now.  An individual or a nation built on false principles cannot continue to stand.  Those that regard the complete intellect must spread truth in order to prevent destruction to our fellow citizens and our nations.

Self-Educated American guest contributor, Ricky Valadez, is a music composer and producer. He studied Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. He is an devout lover and defender of liberty and truth. Please enjoy some of his inspiring music at