Bragging About Cherry Picking

American Gumbo with Diane Alden

I get a kick out of the business punditry and most politicians who defend and tout the new trade agreements with various nations including Columbia. What made me spew coffee through my nose was when one apologist bragged about the increase of cherry production in the U.S. and the selling of our cherries to Columbia. I do not even know what to say about that — considering potential job loss in the U,S. as a result of these treaties is about 170,000, mostly in manufacturing but all sorts of jobs. Somehow selling cherries to Columbia is not my idea of a smart business move or a move that is going to do one damn bit of good for the vast majority of unemployed Americans.

And just a real world thought to spin around in our often overly complacent and all too trusting minds … most of the cherry pickers will likely be illegal aliens. But who is paying attention?

Well, I am.

Self-Educated American Senior Edi­tor, Diane Alden, was one of’s most pop­u­lar and out­spo­ken pun­dits ( 1999–2008), and before that, a wonk for The Nevada Pol­icy Insti­tute. A former DJ in Geor­gia, Diane of late has been a weekly guest on the East Coast hit program, The Marc Bernier Show. Diane is loved for her quick sense of humor, cre­ative vocab­u­lary, inde­pen­dence of mind, and her pen­e­trat­ing analy­sis of a wide range of polit­i­cal, eco­nomic, and cul­tural issues.