Julius Caesar Watts, Jr. and President Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur

American Minute with Bill Federer

Julius Caesar Watts, Jr., better know as J.C. Watts, was born NOVEMBER 18, 1957. A college and pro football player, he was a youth minister and, in 1994, was elected to the U.S. Congress, where he was chosen House Conference Chairman.

In response to the President’s 1997 State of the Union Address, Congressman J.C. Watts stated:

I was taught to respect everyone for the simple reason that we’re all God’s children. I was taught, in the words of Martin Luther King, to judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. And I was taught that character is simply doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.

Also on NOVEMBER 18, in the year 1886, President Chester Arthur died.

The son of a Baptist minister from Ireland, Chester Arthur became an abolitionist lawyer, defending the rights of African Americans, and, during the Civil War, was Inspector General.

Upon the assassination of James Garfield, President Chester Arthur wrote September 22, 1881:

The deep grief which fills all hearts should manifest itself with one accord toward the Throne of Infinite Grace… We should bow before the Almighty and seek from Him consolation in our affliction.

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