Bush Administration Gives Up Search for Mythical Iraqi WMD

By David T. Pyne, Esq

Play It Again Sam! (A Look Back on how Nuclear Weapons where never actually made in Iraq: January 15, 2004)

The headline of the January 7th edition of The Washington Post, a paper which has had arguably the best and most reliable coverage of the Iraq conflict, said it all-“Iraq’s Arsenal Was Only on Paper Since Gulf War, Nonconventional Weapons Never Got Past the Planning Stage”. This searing assessment represents one of the worst national embarrassments and one of the worst intelligence failures for the US in American history, damaging US prestige and largely destroying for years to come its previous well-deserved reputation for opposing, not perpetrating unjustified international aggressions in the process. The Bush Administration sent the country into war on false pretenses and what’s worse knowingly false pretenses resulting in the deaths so far of nearly 500 US soldiers and well over 5,000 wounded and maimed, shattering the lives of tens of thousands of our bravest fighting men and women and their families for many, many years to come. The Administration’s unjust war against Iraq, which it sold to the American public as justified in order to enforce the will of the godless, anti-American United Nations which had passed sixteen UN Security Council resolutions was aimed at saving and ultimately strengthening that long-discredited, nascent attempt at global governance. Despite this fact, because it was a war fought without just cause, let alone any cause at all, the Administration’s prosecution of this illegal war of aggression against a nation that had not attacked us and did not threaten us, served to alienate scores of our closest allies and greatly increased recruitment by Islamist terrorist organs like al-Qaeda enabling them to more easily kill and injure hundreds if not thousands of Americans in Iraq.

The Bush Administration sent a team of several hundred of our finest intel and WMD experts to comb the country in search of their phantom weapons of mass destruction only to quietly withdraw the entire team earlier this week by the Administration after wasting nearly a billion in US taxpayers’ dollars. These weapons experts interviewed hundreds of Iraqi scientists and captured government officials both before and after Saddam’s capture. They all revealed the same thing–that the Iraq weapons program had been dismantled by the UN during the seven and a half years of weapons inspections and UN supervised destruction of Iraq’s WMD program/arsenal. The President claimed, without even the barest shred of evidence to corroborate his accusation, that we had no choice but to go to war to prevent Iraq’s WMD from being used against the US or transferred in the very near future to al-Qaeda terrorists. This despite the fact that the leader of al-Qaeda, the vile Islamist terrorist known as Usama Bin Laden, had regularly denounced his enemy, Saddam Hussein as an infidel to be opposed and even overthrown and despite the fact that Iraq had no proven links with al-Qaeda. In furtherance of their attempt at the mass deception of the American public, they proceeded to politicize the US intelligence community even going so far as to form their own special intelligence section in OSD–the Office of Special Plans–when the CIA refused to provide them with sufficient phony intelligence and “evidence” to justify their planned aggression in Iraq.

The Administration went to war even after Saddam offered to allow the US to send in a thousand FBI agents who he promised would be given free reign to inspect any sites in Iraq. He was perplexed that Bush, who disingenuously claimed to want peace even while refusing to accept any outcome other than war, continued his diatribes about the alleged dangers of non-existent Iraqi WMD when Saddam had complied with UN mandates that they be destroyed and spent a dozen years firmly “in the box” both unable and unwilling to threaten Iraq’s neighbors. Conservative realists in the US were equally perplexed that President Bush would embark on such an illogical and nearly inexplicable course of action against a nation that did not threaten us and had never attacked us. This is particularly the case when it is realized that there are so many other countries like the twin rogue nuclear war-threatening, genocidal regimes in North Korea and Communist China that the Bushites have a long history of appeasing that pose a far greater peril to the US with their threats to nuke millions of Americans if we dare to oppose their planned future aggressions. America-Last neocon globalists have succeeded in spreading the contagion represented by their uniquely un-American philosophy to the most senior levels of the Administration. Many of their policies which have been adopted by the Bush Administration are in direct contradiction to the national security interests of the United States of America and have put us in greater, not lesser danger of future terrorist attacks. It is they who persuaded the President to wage an illegal, unjust and unconstitutional war against Iraq even while advocating policies of rank appeasement for one of our most dangerous and threatening enemies–Communist China. It is these America-last neocons, whose only loyalty is to globalist free trade, supranational institutions represented by NAFTA, the WTO, the godless United Nations and amoral multinational corporations rather than to the United States of America who are, by their suicidal America last trade policies, helping to build Communist China into an economic and military superpower thereby endangering the lives of tens of millions of Americans in the years and decades to come.

The revelation that the Bush Administration’s claims of supposed Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction and with it the very rationale upon which President Bush took the country into this latest no-war and mini-Vietnam have since proved to be entirely bogus is a fact that the Bush Administration would have America’s citizens forget. In pursuit of this objective, the Administration is continually trying to change the subject from its ultimately bogus rationales for the war and its continuing empowerment of Iraq’s militant terrorist-supporting Shiite majority, to its elusive military victory over the Iraqi army and its recent capture of a haggard, bewildered looking Saddam Hussein. Saddam’s capture in particular has provided the President a temporary five to ten-point bump in the polls effectively serving to masque the severe medium to long-term damage that the Administration’s policies have done to US national security interests in Iraq, the Middle East and particularly with regard to the mother of all state sponsors of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Administration has both cultivated Iran as a strategic partner in the war against terrorism and has increasingly begun to appease it. Unlike the neocon empire builders would have us believe, it is Iran and not the United States, which stands to benefit the most from the US invasion, the removal of Saddam Hussein who fought a bloody eight-year war on our behalf to overthrow the Islamist revolutionaries who had taken over Iran. A more far-sighted US policy in the wake of 9-11 might have been to have urged Saddam to try ridding the world of the Islamist terror Ayatollahs once again with US logistical support in furtherance of the US war against Islamist terrorists in return for US support for the cessation of international sanctions and ending Iraq’s international isolation. It is also Iran and not the United States which stands to benefit the most from the coming election of radical Islamist terrorist supporters and close allies of Tehran to lead Iraq.

President Bush is indeed fortunate that the American people do not seem to realize the true extent of the Administration’s massive campaign of outright untruths and deceptions about alleged Iraqi WMD and terror connections to justify the first operational test of their self-defeating doctrine of pre-emptive wars. This new national security doctrine has as its principal tenet that the US will invade countries that do not pose an actual or imminent threat, but which pose a potential threat to the US which might materialize into an actual threat some years or decades in the future. The implementation of this uniquely un-American doctrine has turned America’s 226 year-long Judeo-Christian just war tradition on its head. It is most reminiscent of Imperial Japan’s shameless aggression against us at Pearl Harbor. It stands in complete contrast to the first President Bush’s laudable prosecution of the just war that was Operation Desert Storm fought to liberate Iraq-occupied Kuwait over a dozen years ago. Let us be frank here. Governor Dean, for all of his wacky liberal rhetoric and laughable conspiracy theories about Bush knowing about 9-11 and about the need to provide a captured Bin Laden with legal protections for his heinous crime of murdering over 3000 innocent American civilians, was right about one thing. The recent capture of Saddam has not made America safer, despite Administration claims to the contrary, precisely because Saddam never threatened Americans in the first place.

Governor Kean, the Republican Chairman of the 9-11 commission, recently issued his conclusion that the Islamist terror attacks of 9-11 could have been prevented had certain members of the Bush Administration acted on the warnings that were coming in at the time that a terrorist attack of this kind was imminent. He also expressed his opinion that certain intelligence and other officials in the Bush Administration should be fired as a result of their failure to act. Given this well-researched conclusion by the well-respected Republican Chairman of a commission in possession of a lot more classified information about the 9-11 terror attacks than the American citizenry, the President would do well to concentrate on improving US homeland security rather than threatening to severely undermine it in trying to force his latest plan to amnesty many if not most of the eight to twelve million illegal immigrants in the U.S. It appears that the President has embarked upon yet another misguided liberal policy initiative which he knows will alienate the very conservative Republican base voters which got him elected in the first place.

President Bush would do well to clean house and hold those responsible for these successive policy failures accountable by firing those officials which were asleep at the switch on 9-11 and the America-last neocon dead enders like Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz that urged Vice President Cheney to launch an ill-conceived, unjustified war against Iraq who in turn urged the President to do the same. He should also fire the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge who recently urged the President to engage in a blanket amnesty for the eight to twelve million illegal aliens in this country who have demonstrated their contempt for our laws, many of whom may be terrorist sympathizers. In their place, he should appoint officials who are absolutely dedicated to furthering America’s national security interest, not their naïve, idealist, utopian, neocon dreams of America-last globalism and a newly established American empire centered in the Middle East. He should also select appointees who will persuade him to reverse his policy of open-borders immigration which amounts to the de-facto abolition of the southern border of the United States, which if continued will go far to facilitate rather than prevent a repeat of the 9-11 terrorist attacks here at home. ***


David T Pyne currently serves as DUV-PAC Chairman, President of the Utah Republican Assembly, and as Vice President for the Association of the United States Army’s Utah Chapter. A former national security expert, he has served as President of the Center for the National Security Interest, worked as a defense contractor and International Programs Manager, as an International Analyst for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Department of the Navy, and as a Research Assistant for the Center for Security Policy.