Essays and Controversial Papers of the Revolution

The Works of John Adams, by Charles Henry Adams

Essays and Controversial Papers of the Revolution

The three Essays that follow, are the earliest printed productions known to have come from Mr. Adams. In a letter dated in 1819, he says, “There were many flickerings in the newspapers between Mr. Sewall and me, the precise dates of which I cannot recollect. Sewall wrote under the signature of Philanthropos sometimes, and at other times under the signature of a long J.; and I wrote under that of a great U., and, perhaps, other signatures that I do not remember. All these trifles of mine were printed in the Boston Gazette. There were several papers written by me on occasion of the assault of Colonel Murray upon General Brattle, on the council stairs of the old town house.”

The first and third papers relate to this event, which caused some excitement at the moment, and led to a legal prosecution that continued it. All three bear the peculiar mental and moral characteristics of the author, and are therefore preserved.

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