On Orchestrated Character Assaults

Liberty Letters with Steve Farrell

I do not know Herman Cain, and so I cannot say whether he is guilty or not of the politically motivated character assassinations that are machine gun-like firing upon him, but I can’t help but suspect that those who are ultimately behind them are living according to the rules of that “dark system” American Founder, Alexander Hamilton warned us of in his 1797 “The Reynolds Pamphlet.” Wrote Hamilton:

It is a maxim deeply ingrafted in that dark system, that no character, however upright, is a match for constantly reiterated attacks, however false.

The question we might ask ourselves is: Are we willing to stop and think, and perhaps shine a little light on the subject, so that we might scatter the darkness and penetrate to the root of the accusations … and then dismiss those charges if dismiss them we should, or rather dismiss the accusers and those who put them up to the accusations if dismiss them we ought? And as to the character assaults which surely shall follow and are already upon us regarding the other candidates for that high office, and other high offices in the land, do we have the character and wherewithal not to be deceived by those dark hands and dark souls that would sully a man’s reputation in order to obtain or retain power? And if not, will we share in the guilt and the shame that is surely deserved if we sheepishly join the herd and pile on?

Source: Alexander Hamilton: “Observations on Certain Documents,” also known as “The Reynolds Pamphlet” (1797).

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