Palestinians Try to Resurrect a U.N. Resolution They Rejected

Liberty Alerts, Patrick Goodenough,

As the U.N. Tuesday marked its annual day of “solidarity” with the Palestinian cause, the Palestine Liberation Organization took the opportunity once again to promote a 1947 U.N. resolution that divided the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River into a Jewish state and an Arab one.

Palestinian leaders periodically try to resurrect U.N. General Assembly resolution 181 – also known as the Partition Plan — in support of their demands for territory and control over Jerusalem.

Unmentioned in Ashrawi’s statement was the fact Arab and Palestinian leaders rejected the proposal at the time. Jewish leaders accepted it – reluctantly, since the prescribed Jewish statehood area was made up of three segments of territory, the largest comprising arid and sparsely-inhabited desert.

Violence erupted after the resolution was passed. And immediately after Jewish leaders declared statehood the following spring, five Arab armies attacked the new state in what Arab League head Azzam Pasha described as “a war of annihilation.”

The ensuing war ended with Israel’s territory larger than that envisaged by the Partition Plan – essentially present-day Israel excluding the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights, which were under Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian control, respectively.

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