Sam Adams: Preserving Morals, Property & Right

Liberty Letters Quote of the Day, Samuel Adams

As the Preservation of Morals as well as Property and Right, so much depends upon the impartial Distribution of Justice, agreeable to good and wholesome Law: and as the Judges of the Land do depend upon the free Grants of the General Assembly for Support; It is incumbent upon you at all times to give your Voice for their honorable Maintenance so long as they, having in their minds an Indifference to all other Affairs, shall devote themselves wholly to the Duties of their own Department, and the further Study of the Law, by which their Customs Precedents Proceedings and Determinations are adjusted and limited.

Source: Samuel Adams, “Instructions of the Town of Boston to Its Representatives in the General Court, May, 1764.” [MS., Boston Public Library; a text appears in Boston Record Commissioners’ Report, vol. 16, pp. 120-122.], as quoted in “The Writings of Samuel Adams,” by Samuel Adams, collected and edited by Harry Alonzo Cushing, G.P. Putnan’s Sons, New York and London, 1904.

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