Regarding Ancient Greek Tyrants, Modern Elites, & Manly Duty

The Moral Liberal with Steve Farrell

Writing in his classic “A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States,” regarding the Greek monarchy at Ithaca, American Founding Father John Adams observes:

That the Grecian kings, claiming from Jupiter and supported by their auguries and bards, thought themselves absolute, and often punished the crimes of the archons very tyrannically, is true. — Ulysses is an example of it. Instead of bringing the suitors to trial before the nation, or their peers, he moots them all, without judge or jury, with his own bow. — A more remarkable assertion of a claim to absolute monarchy cannot be imagined.

You see, the American Founders knew what the definition of an absolute monarch or tyrant was, and how oppressive such absolute power becomes, and so they checked executive power at every turn in that God-inspired Constitution of 1787.

But here we are in 2011, in our so-called enlightened era, handing over to the President the very same absolute powers of the ancient tyrants our forefathers warned of, as the Defense Authorization Act that just passed the Senate this past week looks to do, absolute powers that presume to abridge the inalienable rights of men then and now. And what is our enlightened excuse? Congress, the President, and even some of our Presidential candidates say it is for the sake of “National Security!” to “Win the War on Terror!” and that “The World has Changed and So must we!” the very same excuses every tyrant has employed since the beginning of the world, since men began to to first murder and plunder and plot for power, which secret terror began with Cain, brother of Abel, in the first family.

As I see it an inalienable right is a right that comes from God, a right that no government or government official has the right to eradicate, usurp, lessen, trample on, or maneuver around under any pretense whatsoever … or it is no inalienable right at all. But as to those who so do, I mean those elites who lord over us in the name of protecting us from ourselves, from our ignorance, from our narrow-mindedness, and from those numberless threats that swirl around us in modern mortality, threats which we common folk always believed, before the Age of Terror that is, were intended and thus permitted by God to test our metal, to stretch our capacity, to help us discover strengths we knew not of, and to otherwise teach and refine us to become every bit His Sons and Daughters. I can’t help but wonder what it is such nosy know it all kingmen enjoy about raising up a generation of men and women, or do they think us a generation of cattle and sheep? who cower in fear and beg for every sort of protection and guarantee and favor from their dear Big Brother at the approach of every crisis, downturn, unfortunate event, bump and bruise?

I just wonder, who should suppose that their self-righteous tyranny—which is paid for with other men’s property and labors not theirs—will not displease the very God of Liberty who made us free, and the very people that liberty God inspired so long blessed and prospered? Who should call that man or woman, that heritage thief, a patriot, a friend, a  man or woman deserving of any title of respect, responsibility, or trust under the Constitution? And who should hand him or her a pay check or pension for life?

I would hope not a one of us to the man (or to the woman).

They deserve no money, no praise, but only a boot in their pants and pink slip in their hands, fixed firmly and forever to a copy of  those two documents, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, that they never bothered to read, believe, or defend, and invite them thereby to now read and reread those sacred documents of our heritage, and find it in their mind and heart to actually believe in them before they ever think to step in a voting booth again, let alone run for public office.

And if we do not, don’t expect future generations of our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren to think very highly of us either. They will surely conclude with disdain and disgust (or at least with that deep disappointment one may feel when a loved, who should have known better, commits the gravest of crimes) that we fully deserved the ball and chain that bound us down … and our posterity with us—and think it all a shame. A shame indeed.

Steve Farrell is one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, (1999–2008), the author of the highly praised inspirational novel Dark Rose, and Founder and Editor in Chief of The Moral Liberal.