Nothing Can Deter Us From Asserting Our Rights: Sam Adams

Liberty Letters, Samuel Adams, 1766

The House have fully considered your Excellency’s speech of the third instant, and beg leave to observe, that as on the one hand no consideration shall ever induce us to remit in the least our loyalty and gratitude to the best of Kings, so on the other, no unprovoked asperity of expression on the part of your Excellency can deter us from asserting our undoubted charter rights and privileges. One of the principal of those is, that of annually choosing his Majesty’s Council for this province.

Source: Samuel Adams: Answer of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts to the Governor’s Speech, June 5, 1766; Massachusetts State Papers, pp. 88-91; “The Writings of Samuel Adams,” by Samuel Adams, collected and edited by Harry Alonzo Cushing, G.P. Putnan’s Sons, New York and London, 1904.

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