The Armenian Massacre

American Minute with Bill Federer

Armenia was one of the first nations to become Christian around 301 AD, with its capitol of Ani called the “city of a 1,001 churches.”

Muslim Turks began invading in the 11th century, making Christians second-class citizens called “dhimmi,” and forcing boys to convert and serve in the Muslim army as “Janissaries,” or in their pederasty.

When the Turkish Ottoman Empire declined in the 1800’s, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania began winning their independence, but Armenia was trapped by Sultan Abdul Hamid, who killed 100,000.

During World War I, “Young Turks” implemented a genocidal plan to rid Turkey of Armenians. They first recruited unsuspecting Armenian young men into the military, then made them “non-combatant” workers, then marched them into the woods and deserts where they were ambushed and massacred.

With Armenian cities and villages now defenseless, nearly 2 million old men, women and children were marched into the desert, thrown off cliffs or burnt alive. Armenian cities of Kharpert, Van and Ani were leveled. Russia came to their aid till the Bolshevik revolution began. Armenia’s pleas at the Paris Peace Conference led Democrat President Wilson in a failed effort to make Armenia a U.S. protectorate.

Woodrow Wilson, who was born DECEMBER 28, 1856, had addressed Congress, May 24, 1920:

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has established the truth of the reported massacres and other atrocities from which the Armenian people have suffered…deplorable conditions of insecurity, starvation, and misery now prevalent in Armenia… Sympathy for Armenia among our people has sprung from untainted consciences, pure Christian faith and an earnest desire to see Christian people everywhere succored in their time of suffering.

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