Amendments—Conservative Progress Needed

Called Unto Liberty, Anthony W. Ivins, 20th Century Sermons

Before you change the fundamental laws of this State or before you change the fundamental laws of this Nation, or of the Constitution upon which it is based,—be sure that step is a necessary and beneficial one. True, changes may be necessary and they will come. I am only advising and counseling the greatest caution in matters of this kind which may come before you. I refer to it be cause I have heard men who advocate the thought that we are a progressive people, a progressive State, a progressive Nation, and that is very true. But we must progress along conservative, consistent [p. 88] lines, taking care not to break away from those moorings which God caused to be fixed by wise men whom he chose to give us the Constitution of this country, and the constitution and laws which govern this State.


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Source: Anthony W. Ivins, The Annual and Semi-annual Conference Reports of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Volume 10, Chapter 16, Pages 65-66. Anthony W. Ivins (September 16, 1852 – September 23, 1934) was ordained an apostle and joined the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on October 6, 1907, after the death of George Teasdale. In 1921, Ivins was called as second counselor to Heber J. Grant in the First Presidency, and was replaced in the Quorum of the Twelve by Alonzo A. Hinckley. In 1925, Ivins became the first counselor to Grant in the First Presidency, and he served in this position until his death.

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