Airport Video Does Not Show ‘Irate’ Senator Paul

Sen. Rand Paul


Newly released security video footage of Sen. Rand Paul taken at the Nashville International Airport doesn’t show him being “irate,” as previously described by police.

Paul, a Kentucky Republican, was asked by Transportation Security Administration personnel to undergo a pat-down after agents noticed an irregularity when he passed through the x-ray scanner. But Paul, a longtime opponent of the TSA and its screening procedures, refused the pat-down.

The Tennessean newspaper said that an incident report said police encountered “a passenger being irate.”

However, videos released late Wednesday show Paul alternately standing and sitting in a glass cubicle area and at times appearing to make some phone calls while being observed by authorities.

Airport authority officials told the paper they did not have any comment on the incident outside of what was written in the incident report, and referred any further questions to the TSA.

The incident was criticized heavily by Paul’s father, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who is currently running for the Republican presidential nomination.

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