GAO Gives Commercial Colleges a Failing Grade


The Obama Administration is determined not to cut a penny out of the billions of taxpayer dollars poured into our schools and colleges, even though they can’t show any progress toward the designated goals established for the spending of that money. The government has just started to look at some areas of downright fraud in federal spending for education. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) just made a survey of 15 commercial colleges, using undercover investigators, and discovered a big variety of fraud, cheating and downright dishonesty.

The GAO discovered that you don’t need a high school diploma to enroll in some commercial colleges. You don’t even need to be a real person, and you may be able to pass your classes without doing any work. Twelve of the 15 commercial colleges allowed investigators to enroll online using a fake high school diploma, or a diploma from a high school that had closed. Investigators tested academic policies by failing to log into required classes, completing assignments incorrectly or not at all, and engaging in obvious plagiarism. One undercover student submitted pictures of celebrities in response to essay questions and still passed the class. Another received an A on an assignment that was never submitted. After failing two multiple choice quizzes, another student was encouraged to cheat. Since the correct answers were displayed at the end of each quiz, the students could jot down the correct answers, then take the quiz again, and get a 100 percent on the second try.

Since federal aid to education started back under the Eisenhower Administration, we have poured nearly two trillion dollars into public schools and colleges. The announced goal of this spending was to increase scores on international tests and to close the gap between higher income and lower-income students. The money has made absolutely no progress toward achieving either one of those goals.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.