Another Testament: The One Rejected Is the One and Only Way

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As in the Holy Bible, the Old World Testament of Jesus Christ, so in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, we hear the voice of ancient prophets testifying of the coming of Christ (apx. 544–421 B.C.) , that He is the Chief Cornerstone, the only sure foundation upon which men can build, that he shall be rejected by his own, but through the miraculous power of the atonement, and in the due time of the Lord, even they who rejected Him may be redeemed. if they will too will come around and build upon his teachings . Jacob, the brother of Nephi testifies:

  15 And now I, Jacob, am led on by the Spirit unto prophesying; for I perceive by the workings of the Spirit which is in me, that by the astumbling of the bJews they will creject the dstone upon which they might build and have safe foundation.

  16 But behold, according to the scriptures, this astone shall become the great, and the last, and the only sure bfoundation, upon which the Jews can build.

  17 And now, my beloved, how is it possible that these, after having rejected the sure foundation, can aever build upon it, that it may become the head of their corner?

  18 Behold, my beloved brethren, I will unfold this mystery unto you; …

It is a testimony that I hold as well. He lives. He is our Redeemer, Savior, and Friend. His is the one and only sure path to salvation, a path he lovingly invites all to discover for themselves, come upon their own personal witness through study, application, and prayer, and the witness of the Holy Ghost, and once converted, to so live until that Great and Last Day when all men will be judged according to their works and the thoughts and intents of their hearts.

When that day comes, because God is fair, and because God is merciful, all will have had a chance, all will have been lovingly invited, all will have had opportunity to receive their own individual witness of Him, and through Jesus Christ, His Son, all will be forgiven who have then, being so introduced, embraced his word and done their best according to their gifts, talents, and opportunities to serve Him … His “mysterious,” His marvelous atonement covering the rest.

Of this I testify.

Source: Jacob 4: 15-18; The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

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