Obama Tells Governors to Hire More Public School Teachers

More Bizarre Solutions from the President


President Barack Obama lectured the nation’s governors Monday to stop cutting education and to hire more public school teachers, and he proposed spending $25 billion to prevent further layoffs.

The National Governor’s Association held its winter meeting in Washington over the weekend, where the chief executives from states across the country convened to discuss matters affecting their states such as how to handle budgets, and issues such as education and health care.

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The Moral Liberal comments: This is the second governor’s conference in a row that the President has attended … and to what end? To undermine the growing resistance to federal intrusion among the state’s citizens, legislators, and chief executive officers? To have the states, like the Federal Government, throw fiscal sanity and moral and political responsibility to the wind, even as they make the states  more dependent and more under the federal thumb in the process? To sell the state governors the delusion that Washington can give the states money that is not first taken from every citizen in every one of their states by direct and indirect forms of taxation, as well as by the money debasing policies of the Federal Reserve?

The states’ governors would be wise not to warm up to this Administration’s meddling, and rather keep their books balanced and their sovereignty intact.  Additionally, they might deliver and then live up to the following message to the President: that this is a state governor’s conference, and that each of them are man enough and smart enough to run their own states without a penny of federal aid and a single minute of federal oversight. Or in other words, “Thanks Mr. President, But No Thanks.” And for those of them that have acted responsibly in trimming rather than expanding their budgets during hard time, they might deliver these parting words of counsel to the President, “Go and do likewise.”

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