The War on Parents

Education, Eagle Forum

The Dilbert cartoonist writes:

Sometimes it feels as if our school system is at war with parents, and winning. The kids are just the ammunition.

Take homework, for example. Most schools load up the kids with hours of homework, which ruins a family’s quality of life after school, putting parents in the position of being bad cops from the time school is out until bedtime. The kids are stressed, overworked, and tired. …

Now suppose your kid joins a sports team, or band, or competitive cheerleading, or just about anything. You’ll find yourself spending weekends out of town for tournaments and competitions. You might be booking hotels for overnight stays, and generally building your life around these occasions. …

Things don’t get better after high school. The cost of college is absurd, and half of the value of the degree involves the brand recognition of the school.

It is not that homework and competitive sports are bad. The complaint is that schools are increasingly saying that they know what is good for kids much better than parents, and schools are expanding their control beyond school hours.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.