Is Co-existance with Communism and Socialism Reasonable?

Tyranny Unmasked with Steve Farrell

In the United States we are full of university professors, media personalities, politicians, and presidents (past and present) who have for some time preached and worked for a side-by-side friendship with communist states, justified they say by the supposed truth that “we can’t win,” and since we can’t we had better implement a strategy and policy of co-existence, compromise, and even foreign aid, with the Communist world.

In the United States on the domestic policy front many have come upon the same strategy and policy for dealing with the patient gradualism of socialism and socialists — and what has that done for us other than advance the cause of socialism till we have finally arrived in the Valley of Decision. Will we be freemen or slaves? But even worse, so many of us are too preoccupied with the business of self-indulgence and self-worship that they have no idea of how awful the situation.

It used to be believed that compromise was a virtue only when fundamental moral and constitutional principle were not surrendered in the process, but always a sin loaded with dire consequences, come sooner or later, any time such fundamentals were compromised. For a century now the political and social landscape has been full of compromise on these essential things by Christians and conservatives who have deluded themselves into the false belief that compromising principle, compromising morals, compromising liberties to get along with bad men and bad and dangerous ideas is a sign of virtue, benevolence, and progress. It isn’t. It never was.

But how do the Communists, and thus their more patient allies the socialists feel about compromise with the free world?

Wrote Soviet Dictator Vladimir Lenin in 1919: “The existence of the Soviet Republic side by side with imperialistic states for a long time is unthinkable. One or the other must triumph in the end. And before that end supervenes, a series of frightful collisions between the Soviet Republic and the bourgeouis states will be inevitable.” (Report of the Central Committee at the 8th Party Congress).

Or in other words, Lenin, like every other devout communist and socialist, did not believe in compromise—and let it be known, if ever it appears otherwise without fail the supposed compromise will be and has been a strategic “retreat” (and thus, in reality, a tactical advance) such as might be better understood by studying the action of the pounding of a nail with a hammer by a carpenter. Between each application of force upon the nail by the carpenter is a swing back which has for its only purpose, not a retreat or abandonment of purpose but the reacquirement of speed, momentum, and force so that the nail might be hit again and again, each time driving the nail deeper and more firmly fixed into the wood. This is how the Communist works. It is known as dialectical advancement. Therefore, the person, or professor, or pundit, or politician who assumes communism or socialism is ever in retreat, or even more absurdly, bent on abandoning the cause, he or she does not know what is going on, or if so but keeps silent is in coalition with the communist as one of their propagandists whose mission it is to insure America and freedom fighters everywhere disarm, let their guard down, permit themselves to be distracted with anything, anything but a vigilant watch upon their liberties, and this until the next application of the hammer upon the moral, economic and political order of the United States and the free world, and the next, and the next, until all is lost, our way of life overthrown, our liberties crushed under the weight of a tyranny we failed to recognize was on the horizon.

We ought to know better. We ought to do better in dealing with men and their attachment to the revolution of Marx, who have ever proved in word and in deed that they have not, that they do not, and that they will not compromise till they have won out.

And so, if ever there was a time for us to compromise with socialism (and there ought never to have been such a time), now is certainly not that time. We are too far along the road of Marx and Lenin, too close to the point of no return. Here we must make our stand and with the greatest of vigor push back, and back, and back, until socialism is thoroughly and completely routed – and then, lesson learned, follow up with a vow and a solemn and active commitment never to compromise with it again, never to trust the devil in that diabolical system to ever be anything but the devil. Socialism is a proven great evil, the greatest political evil the world has ever know, and always will be, and never can be anything but what it is, and was ever meant to be.

It is time to accept that and attend to the matter of defending the greatest political good the world has ever known, the Constitution of the United States with all the faith and good works we can muster.

Copyright © 2012 Steve Farrell.

Steve Farrell is the Founder and Editor In Chief of The Moral Liberal ( one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, (1999-2008),  and the author of the highly praised inspirational novel Dark Rose.