Samuel Adams on the Cure to the Enemies Venom

Liberty Letters, Samuel Adams

Letter to John Adams, March 9, 1779

Mr L will write you fully by this Opp,y. I take up my pen chiefly to let you know that I am in the Land of the Living and bear you affectionately on my Mind. While I am in this World I am resolved that no Vexation shall put me out of Temper if I can possibly command myself. Even old Age which is making Strides towards me shall not prevail to make me peevish. I find that an older Man than I am, can in the apparent Coolness of Mind, stabbed a dreaded Rival to the Vitals. His Words are like Honey, but there is a large Mixture of Poison. You who are in the Midst of Life and Usefulness, do not expect to escape the envenomed Shaft, but you have always the Cure at hand, Moderation, Fortitude and Prudence. It matters little what becomes of an old worn out Servant in this World. He has his foot on the Grave and with Pleasure views it. But the virtuous Patriot, who is in the full Exercise of the Powers of Body and Mind, shall have my remaining feeble Voice in his Support against the insidious Enemy of him and Mankind. I have said enough on this Head, and have not time to begin a new Subject. Adieu.

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