Farrell: Men or Cattle?

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell

Missing the Mark With Religion, Part 8

There are basically two takes on homosexuality which have become the ruling dogma of the national political ‘churches’ left and right; they are:

1. We must have freedom of choice in matters of human sexuality, and

2. They (homosexuals) have no choice — God made them that way — and so it is the just, moral, compassionate, tolerant, Christian … American thing to do to accept them, embrace them, even praise them for their courage to be who they are. (See note below)

So which is it? Freedom of choice … or … ‘homosexuals’ are incapable of choice?

Admitted: it is not politically correct to point out the disturbing and dramatic inconsistent philosophical positioning of the political/religious left, nor to point to the eerie parallel between this mixed signal approach to homosexuality and the double-talking, anti-God, anti-Church, anti-free agency, pro-anarchy tactics of the communist revolutionary; but if the shoe fits and don’t reasonable citizens have a clear duty to clear the air with clear thinking about what is clearly transparent … and incalculably hazardous to the future of our families, communities, nation, and civilization?


1. Inconsistency. Let’s protect freedom of choice for gays, but then again, “they have no choice.” Nevertheless it is helpful to understand that in the “one step forward, two steps back” world of the socialist, inconsistency is consistent, logical and moral if personal and political empowerment result. Therefore, say what needs to be said; support what needs to be supported at any given moment, in any given set of circumstances, even if it requires day-by-day, minute-by-minute, sentence-by-sentence flip-flops. Do it. “The ends justify the means.” Plain and simple. This is consistent, logical, moral, because political empowerment is the only morality that really matters.

2. A denunciation of God. How so? Declaring that God made homosexuals homosexual implies that God is the author of their sin — the same worn-out argument that hopes to indict God as cruel and unjust, and thus non-existent, by default. Think about it.

3. An attack on the church. When activists combine the “I was made that way” contention with ‘evidence’ provided by grant-driven science and politically correct-driven legislation they have an iron-fisted plan to subvert and shackle the Christian church, handing over to the state the decision-making power of what can and cannot be taught and practiced.

It is already happening in Canada and Europe: preachers fined and imprisoned for calling sin, “sin.” It’s a new class of hate crime. It’s present in the latest hate crime, liberty crushing bills that have come before Congress and have become law in leftist controlled states like California.

We’ve already seen how the gay lobby and their political allies on both sides of the aisle have gone after the largely church-sponsored Boy Scouts of America. And how they used the courts in California to publicly expose the names of those church members and church organizations which stood up for marriage as it has always been only to then go after those faithful saints and citizens and churches with death threats,vandalism, boycotts, and loss of employment. So who’s using the state to attack whom?

4. Men are cattle. Returning to the point 1 supposition that men must be free to make choices but, then again, homosexuals don’t possess agency. This parallels nicely the Marxist-Leninist claim that, ‘yes, men do make choices, but, no, not as is commonly supposed, but rather they are DRIVEN to those choices like cattle.’ –

– This is called determinism.

Not long after Marx and co. invented this demeaning, excuse-laden, victim-multiplying philosophy about man, psychology came into being, picked up the iron ball, and began rolling it, crushing everything worthy in its path, like man’s moral agency, the Judeo-Christian ethic, accountability for sin, and all the parallels in law.

Since then nearly every psychological theory, at its root, reinforces the man-bereft-of-agency paradigm, blaming all human action on the environment, or conditioning, or genetics.

Where in their theories is anything mentioned about the Divine Gift of moral agency? Where in their “science” is their any talk about the billions of men and women from the Creation until now who despite weakness, predisposition, tradition, temptation, pride, blackmail, you name it, tune in to their conscience, to the light of Christ within them, and listen, and courageously act of their own free will in favor of a Higher Law and Higher Power than the flesh … even when it is difficult, even when it is near impossible to so act.

That is man. That is the history of sons and daughters of God.

But no! We are now supposed to believe that men and women are incapable of sacrificing their sins, their wants, their careers, their very lives on the alter to principles, commandments, faith, family, fidelity, and freedom?

5. Soft on crime, soft on sin, soft on convicted felons and soft on terrorism. Truly, if men are born that way, if men have no choice, if men are victimized by circumstances (including by capitalist economics and Judeo-Christian morality), it’s understandable why killers kill, why gays are gay, why terrorists hate America, and why we MUST be tolerant of their miscues; and, well, full of praise for their courage to be who they are; and full of protection and inducements for others to follow in their footsteps.

This line of reasoning leads to questions like how can sin be sin, or crime be crime, if men and women cannot help themselves? Thus, in the world of Marx and Lenin there is no virtue, there is no sin — but wait a minute, one virtue only: TOLERANCE for every form of debauchery; and one sin only: TOLERANCE for capitalism and Christianity. Another moral contradiction, isn’t it? No matter! What matters is this: it is a perfect storm for the toppling and sinking of the good ship America into the bottomless pit of moral and political anarchy followed by what history and common sense testify must follow: law-and-order tyranny to the rescue … the goal all along … a tyranny which will apply the iron boot to all men, heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.

And so the vigilant citizen, the man of reason, and the devout Christian alike must in a spirit of faith and reason make the case: Either we are children of God, endowed with moral agency, a conscience, and the ability to ‘put off the natural man’ — that is, the ability to rise above animal instincts, environment, conditioning, genetic influences, and economic pressures — or we are not.

Which is it? Men or cattle?

And if men, then we need to act like men and stop making excuses that miss the mark about religion and the moral agency of man; and stop supporting candidates, so-called civil rights movements, and state funded educational establishments that would keep us grazing like cows and oxen in the field.

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Author’s note: The tolerance I speak of is not the inspired Christian variety that invites us to “hate the sin, but love the sinner” – which is this author’s and this center’s approach to all immoral behavior (realizing that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that we all will be beggars at the judgment seat of Christ). What I do speak of, and what this center does oppose is this new politically driven tolerance that requires us to love the sin, legalize it, uphold it and protect it in public policy. This is madness. Such a policy is not about love, or tolerance in the Christian sense at all but the worst sort of emotional manipulation of human weakness for political gain. Regarding, those who struggle with homosexuality, they should be treated with as much Christian love, forbearance, and charity as anyone else struggling through mortality. And like all who struggle, they should be reminded that they do have the power to sacrifice their sins, temptations, predispositions and such, on the alter. God will aid those who do so.