The Standard of Citizenship

David O. McKay

Called Unto Liberty, 20th Century Sermons, David O. McKay

A clean man is a national asset. A pure woman is the incarnation of true national glory. A citizen who loves justice and hates evil is better and stronger than a battleship. The strength of any community consists of and exists in the men who are pure, clean, upright, and straightforward, ready for the right, and sensitive to every approach of evil. Let such ideals be the standard of citizenship.

Source:  David O. McKay, “A Citizen Who Loves Justice and Hates Evil Is Better and Stronger Than a Battleship,” Conference Report, October 1968, pp. 4-9. David O. McKay (1873–1970), served as Ninth Pres­i­dent of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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