Marquis de Lafayette

American Minute with Bill Federer

Born SEPTEMBER 6, 1757, his father died before he was two-years-old and his mother died when he was twelve, leaving him to inherit their fortune. At 14-years-old, he joined the French Military and, at age 16, became a captain.

He married Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles, whose family was related to King Louis XVI. At 19, against the King’s wishes, he purchased a ship and persuaded several French officers to accompany him to fight in the American Revolution. Washington appointed him a major general.

His name was Marquis de Lafayette. Lafayette fought at Brandywine, endured the freezing winter at Valley Forge, saw action at Barren Hill and Rhode Island.

Lafayette returned to France and, along with Franklin’s efforts, secured troops and supplies for the American cause which helped force Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown.

Nearly fifty years later, after having lived through the French Revolution, Marquis de Lafayette was guest at a ceremony at Bunker Hill, Massachusetts, along with 200 Revolutionary Veterans. Secretary of State Daniel Webster spoke:

“God . . . has allowed you to behold the reward of your patriotic toils; and He has allowed to us . . . in the name of the present generation . . . in the name of liberty to thank you!”

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