Reverence for Law

Called Unto Liberty, 20th Century Sermons, N. Eldon Tanner

As I become a citizen of this great country, I am determined to join with all law-abiding citizens and dedicate myself to this nation’s ideals of equality and justice under law, and to our responsibilities as free men. I am seriously concerned, however, about the lawlessness in the world today, and right here in the United States. As a prospective citizen, and in the position I hold in the Church, I should like to speak for a few minutes on our Twelfth Article of Faith, which is: “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law” (A of F 1:12).

It is the duty of every citizen to be sincerely concerned with his country’s efforts to advance freedom and individual opportunity, to curb lawlessness, and to achieve equal justice. The Church makes its position quite clear in its Declaration of Belief regarding Governments and Laws, some of which are as follows:

Source: N. Eldon Tanner, “Reverence for Law,” Conference Report, October 1965, pp. 45-49. Nathan Eldon Tanner was a teacher, business leader, Apostle, and a member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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