Day of Provocation

American Scripture

The Lord was angry with the ancient Israelites for refusing to go up on the mount, to enter into the Lord’s “rest” and see God (Exodus 20:19; Deuteronomy 9:22). The ancient American Prophet Alma expounded on this event:

And now, my brethren, behold I say unto you, that if ye will harden your hearts ye shall not enter into the rest of the Lord; therefore your iniquity provoketh him that he sendeth down his wrath upon you as in the first provocation, yea, according to his word in the last provocation as well as the first, to the everlasting destruction of your souls; therefore, according to his word, unto the last death, as well as the first.

And now, my brethren, seeing we know these things, and they are true, let us repent, and harden not our hearts, that we provoke not the Lord our God to pull down his wrath upon us in these his second commandments which he has given unto us; but let us enter into the rest of God, which is prepared according to his word.

Let us quickly repent, so that we can enter into his rest rather than provoke the Lord to anger.

Source: Alma 12:36-37; The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ