What does THAT building do for YOU?

Thomas Jefferson Leadership

But how is a taste in this beautiful art to be formed in our countrymen, unless we avail ourselves of every occasion when public buildings are to be erected, of presenting to them models for their study and imitation?

… You see I am an enthusiast on the subject of the arts. But it is an enthusiasm of which I am not ashamed, as its object is to improve the taste of my countrymen, to increase their reputation, to reconcile to them the respect of the world, and procure them its praise.

Source: To James Madison, September 20, 1785

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Well-rounded leaders have an appreciation for the arts and their value for improving the lives of their constituents.

Thomas Jefferson wrote from France, hoping to influence the design of the new state capitol building in Richmond, Virginia. He wanted a building based on the Roman-era temple Maisson Quarree, in southern France. He called that structure “without contradiction, to be the most perfect and precious remain of antiquity in existence.” (TJ to Buchanan & Hay, 1-26-86) He wanted to reproduce classic architecture in America to help stimulate his countrymen’s interest in the arts.

While Jefferson loved his country’s devotion to republican principles, he found the arts in America to be almost non-existent. He wanted to change that. He was proudly enthusiastic to bring these arts-related values his fellow citizens:
1. To improve their culture through an interest in the arts
2. To raise their reputations as people who valued art
3. To earn both respect and praise from other nations

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