Marriage ordained of God

David O. McKay

Called Unto Liberty, 20th Century Sermons, David O. McKay

The exalted view of marriage as held by the Church is given expressively in five words found in the forty-ninth section of the Doctrine and Covenants: “marriage is ordained of God” (D&C 49:15). That revelation was given in 1831 when Joseph Smith was only 25 years of age. Considering the circumstances under which it was given, we find in it another example among hundreds of others corroborative of the fact that he was inspired of the Lord. Before us are assembled thousands of presiding officers in stakes, wards, quorums, and auxiliaries, to whom we say, it is your duty and mine to uphold the lofty conception of marriage as given in this revelation, and to guard against encroaching dangers that threaten to lower the standard of the ideal home.

It is said that the best and noblest lives are those which are set toward high ideals. Truly no higher ideal regarding marriage can be cherished by young people than to look upon it as a divine institution. In the minds of the young, such a standard is a protection to them in courtship, an ever-present influence inducing them to refrain from doing anything that may prevent their going to the temple to have their love made perfect in an enduring and eternal union. It will lead them to seek divine guidance in the selection of their companions, upon the wise choice of whom their life’s happiness here and hereafter is largely dependent. It makes their hearts pure and good; it lifts them up to their Father in heaven. Such joys are within the reach of most men and women if high ideals of marriage and home be properly fostered and cherished.

Source: David O. McKay, “Structure of the Home Threatened by Irresponsibility and Divorce,” Conference Report, April 1969, pp. 4-10. David O. McKay served as the ninth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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