Marriage a Sacred Obligation

David O. McKay

Called Unto Liberty, 20th Century Sermons, David O. McKay

To look upon marriage as a mere contract that may be entered into at pleasure in response to a romantic whim, or for selfish purposes, and severed at the first difficulty or misunderstanding that may arise, is an evil meriting severe condemnation, especially in cases wherein children are made to suffer because of such separation. Marriage is a sacred relationship entered into for purposes that are well recognized—primarily for the rearing of a family. A flippant attitude toward marriage, the ill-advised suggestion of “companionate marriage,” the base, diabolical theory of “free sex experiment,” and the ready-made divorce courts are dangerous reefs upon which many a family bark is wrecked.

In order to lessen the breaking up of homes, the present tendency toward a low view of marriage should be substituted by the lofty view of marriage that Jesus the Christ gives it. Let us look upon marriage as a sacred obligation and a covenant that is eternal, or that may be made eternal.

Source: David O. McKay, “Structure of the Home Threatened by Irresponsibility and Divorce,” Conference Report, April 1969, pp. 4-10. David O. McKay served as the ninth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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