Lenin: Changing Tack

Tyranny Unmasked, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The Great anti-Communist Dr. Frederick Schwarz once wrote about how Communism can change its tactics according to which way the wind is blowing, or the “Dialectical Nature of Progress”:

The second feature of the dialectic is the nature of progress. Dialectical progress takes place in a certain pattern. The Communist slogan is: “Nature acts dialectically.” Wishing to advance dialectically in a room full of people, I do not walk through the aisle and straight toward my goal. Nor do I move slowly through the crowd shaking hands with friends and acquaintances, discussing points of interest, gradually nearing the objective. The dialectical pathway is different. It consists of a resolute forward advance followed by an abrupt turn and retreat. Having retreated a distance there is another turn and advance. Through a series of forward-backward steps the goal is approached. To advance thus is to advance dialectically.

The Communist goal is fixed and changeless, but their direction of advance reverses itself from time to time. They approach their goal by going directly away from it a considerable portion of the time. Lenin wrote the textbook, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Chinese Communist schoolchildren are taught to do the dialectical march taking three steps forward and two steps back. If we judge where the Communists are going by the direction in which they are moving, we will obviously be deceived.

And here is how Vladimir Ilyich Lenin put it:

It is folly, not revolutionism, to deprive ourselves in advance of any freedom of action, openly to inform an enemy who is at present better armed than we are whether we shall fight him, and when. To accept battle at a time when it is obviously advantageous to the enemy, but not to us, is criminal; political leaders of the revolutionary class are absolutely useless if they are incapable of “changing tack, or offering conciliation and compromise” in order to take evasive action in a patently disadvantageous battle.

Source: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder (1920) Lenin’s Colllected Works, Volume 31, Progress Publishers, June 1920, USSR, Translated by Julius Katzer. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin; born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, 22 April 1870 –January 1924 was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist who served as the leader of the Russian SFSR from 1917, and then concurrently as Premier of the Soviet Union from 1922, until 1924.


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