Kerry’s alleged ties to Communist China ignored by news media


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There are some who are grateful Sen. Kerry will be Secretary of State instead of Defense Secretary in light of his Vietnam era anti-war activities and his deception.
Credits: WH Press Office

Conventional wisdom in the nation’s capital has it that Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) is a sure bet to be confirmed as U.S. Secretary of State by the U.S. Senate, despite his alleged anti-war propaganda when he returned from his brief tour-of-duty in Vietnam and his ties to China as a senator. In fact, on Sunday leaders of the controversial conservative group known as the Swift Boaters, who attacked John Kerry’s military record to derail his bid for the White House in 2004, said they won’t actively fight his nomination as Secretary of State.

Even foreign leaders are expected to welcome Kerry as Hillary Clinton’s replacement, such as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said he welcomed the nomination of U.S. Sen. John Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

“Kerry is a shoe-in the top administration job and few Republicans will attempt to derail his appointment. The people responsible for informing Americans about Kerry’s suspicious past have given up their role as purveyors of honest news so there’s no chance of Kerry being stopped,” said political strategist Mike Baker.

Baker, who is also an attorney, points to Kerry’s sordid relationship with the Red Chinese during the Clinton administration as proof he’s unfit to command the State Department.

A public-interest group that investigates and exposes government corruption and abuse in 2004 released declassified documents that revealed then-Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry accepted laundered contributions for his 1996 Senate re-election campaign from the Communist Chinese government and that, in exchange, he may have arranged meetings between Chinese aerospace executives and U.S. government officials.

Obtained by Judicial Watch from the FBI through Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests, the documents are related to the FBI’s “Chinagate” investigation into the Clinton campaign’s acceptance of contributions from Communist Chinese government sources.

Among the documents released is an investigative outline dated Mar. 27, 1998, that details the FBI’s “proposed areas of inquiry” into the actions of Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung, including questioning him about meetings Sen. Kerry set up with China Aerospace executives and about a fund-raising event for the senator in Los Angeles.

The other document, dated Aug. 24, 1998, requests a polygraph of Chung, mentioning that he laundered contributions for the Clinton/Gore ’96 election campaign and for Sen. Kerry. The documents are heavily redacted, and Judicial Watch is appealing the FBI’s decision to keep secret portions of the documents.

Chung pled guilty in March 1998 to election law violations and, in a plea bargain, began cooperating with the FBI. Judicial Watch represented Chung in a lawsuit against Justice Department officials who, during the Clinton administration, leaked information about Chung’s cooperation with the department’s Campaign Finance Task Force.

The unauthorized and illegal release from a sealed plea agreement of information, including the fact that he and his family were in protective custody in California, put the lives of Chung and his family in jeopardy.

“These disturbing FBI documents raise further questions about Sen. Kerry’s involvement in what looks like a quid pro quo (cash for meetings) with the Communist Chinese,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton at the time.

The Moral Liberal Contributing Editor, Jim Kouri, CPP, is the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact Jim.