Parental Rights & Common Sense vs. Clever Wording of UN Documents


Parental Rights is one family “respect” that we rarely have to explain. Common sense clearly attests to the fact stated in our UN Negotiating Guide:

“The nurturing, care of a loving mother and father can be the most significant contribution toward building a world of peace. It is primarily the responsibility of the parent to mold the character of the future citizens of the world. It is the parents who have the greatest interest in the long-term well being of their children. All levels of government, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions should respect and support the vital role of parents.”

And yet, at United Families International, we spend considerable resources at the United Nations on the lookout for wording in international documents that usurps the role of parents; phrases like: “in cooperation with relevant interested parties” (which could mean anyone) or “unless it is considered not to be in the best interest of the child” (again, considered by whom if not the parent). Or perhaps language that suggest the child’s rights that could exclude parent’s prior right like: “the child’s right to confidentiality and privacy” or “the adolescent, and their right to reproductive health education, information and care” (referring to unfettered access to abortion.)

These phrases are slipped in looking very safe–even magnanimous to the unsuspecting eye, but when approved and placed in the hands of unelected UN committees to enforce at will on countries, sovereignty is lost and parental rights diminished!

Worse yet, what happens at the UN doesn’t stay at the UN! All around us, in our schools, legislatures, and even some club organizations, parental rights are being handed to everyone BUT the parents. For this reason UFI has asked a Parental Rights expert to educate us on a monthly basis on the issues that either threaten or strengthen parental rights.

Marlene Hinton is first a parent. But she is also a educator, and researcher with an exceptional passion for preserving and defending the rights of parents to do what we all recognize as their most vital role–“mold the character of the future citizens of the world.” We invite you to share Marlene’s passion as we all learn to better recognize how we can protect and preserve parental rights while building a world of peace–one child at a time [See her article: “In Search of the Common Good“].

Oh yes, please don’t miss another article from two young-adult advocates for the family. [link will be forthcoming].

The Moral Liberal Family Editor Carol Soelberg is President of United Families International, former United States National Parents of the Year (2006, with her husband Glade), principle organizer of the 2001 Southwest World Congress of Families, the 2002 New York World Congress of Families, and the 2003 Defend Marriage and Family Conference. As the mother of thirteen children and thirty-six grandchildren, Carol understands the crucial role families play in a healthy society. Carol has a B.A. in Education and Home, Family, and Child Development.

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