Why Republicans Didn't Win in 2012


The reelection of Barack Obama as President in 2012 was such a big shock to Republicans that they can’t stop trying to figure out why they lost that national election. Republicans expected to win in 2012 because of high unemployment, a dismal economy, the unpopularity of ObamaCare, and scandals in the Internal Revenue Service. Best-selling author Dr. Jerome Corsi, who spent three weeks traveling with the Mitt Romney campaign, gives us an inside look at the cockiness and mistakes of Romney’s staff in a new book called What Went Wrong. A major cause of the defeat was that the Establishment shrinks from dealing with the social, moral and job issues that concern the grassroots. The Establishment inflicted us with another centrist loser in the model of John McCain and Bob Dole. Dr. Corsi quotes Romney’s chief campaign strategist as pontificating on the last plane flight of the 2012 campaign that he was confident Romney would win because, he said, “a positive campaign message trumps a good ground game every time.” That’s wrong. Obama’s first-rate ground game, facilitated by technology that actually worked, trumped everything Romney had to offer.

Mitt Romney didn’t have a good campaign message anyway. Romney failed to have a message to reach out to the Reagan Democrats, who were essential to Ronald Reagan’s impressive victories in the 1980s but were no longer voting Republican because their manufacturing jobs have been outsourced overseas. Romney and the GOP muffed their big opportunity to develop a message that they would stop the hemorrhaging of U.S. jobs to China.

Republicans will keep losing if they don’t learn those lessons and take the Party’s decision-making away from the big-money crowd and return it to the grassroots who care about issues such as marriage and jobs.

Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.

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