The Providential Mission of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)


Thomas Paine & Christopher Columbus & the Discovery of America

In the 1776 Classic, Common Sense, by American Founder Thomas Paine, in building his strong, reasonable, and often inspiring case as to the need for the American Colonies to forever separate from England and become a distinct nation, he added this thrilling insight as to America’s discovery, and thus indirectly concerning the Providential mission of Christopher Columbus. He wrote:

The time likewise at which the continent was discovered, adds weight to the argument, and the manner in which it was peopled increases the force of it. The reformation was preceded by the discovery of America, as if the Almighty graciously meant to open a sanctuary to the Persecuted in future years, when home should afford neither friendship nor safety. (1)

Imagine that? This conviction was widely held in that era. Columbus, himself, declared:

From my first youth onward, I was a seaman and have so continued until this day … Wherever on the earth a ship has been, I have been. I have spoken and treated with, learned men, priests, and laymen, Latins and Greeks, Jews and Moors, and with many men of other faiths. The Lord was well disposed to my desire, and He gave me in abundance, of astrology, as much as was needed, and of geometry and astronomy likewise. Further, He gave me joy and cunning in drawing maps and thereon cities, mountains, rivers, islands, and harbours, each one in its place. I have seen and truly I have studied all books–cosmographies, histories, chronicles, and philosophies, and other arts, for which our Lord unlocked my mind, sent me upon the sea, and gave me fire for the deed. Those who heard of my enterprise called it foolish, mocked me, and laughed. But who can doubt but that the Holy Ghost inspired me?” (2) (3)

Yes, Christopher Columbus so declared, along with many other such statements – statements you will not read in any modern textbooks, textbooks, mind you, written by the secular socialists  –  who prefer to call themselves “historical revisionists”, as if the very idea of rewriting history for a living is a noble profession – who have hijacked American education; but you will read it here because this editor is not afraid to admit, in fact to boldly declare, that God had a hand in the discovery, the settlement, and the establishment of what would become the United States of America.

And so this day, being Columbus Day, I honor Christopher Columbus, as did my forefathers before me, and as did God himself by inspiring one Christopher Columbus some 521 years ago.


1. Thomas Paine. Common Sense, 1776.
2. Jacob Wassermann, Columbus, Don Quixote of the Seas, pp. 19-20. See also p. 46.
3. To learn more about the hand of God in life of Columbus, and in the discovery, settling, and founding of America, this author highly recommends Mark E. Petersens’ very readable, inspiring, and well documented, The Great Prologue

They Were Believers is researched, compiled, and edited (with occasional commentary and introductory notes) by Steve Farrell, Founder and Editor In Chief of The Moral Liberal.

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The Moral Liberal highly recommends: The Great Prologue by Mark E. Petersen.

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