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Remembering Congressman Larry McDonald


This month is the 30th anniversary of the day the Soviet Communist military fired a missile at a civilian passenger jet plane and shot down that unarmed plane, savagely murdering its nearly 300 passengers. U.S. Congressman Dr. Larry McDonald was on that plane and we can assume he was the target of the attack.

Congressman McDonald was a conservative visionary who opposed liberals on issues that are still important today. He supported the right to life of the unborn and he voted against gun control. He sponsored a bill whose title stated, “the class of individuals who advocate … [homosexual] conduct shall never receive special consideration or a protected status under law.” McDonald was ahead of his time in fighting for traditional values. Larry McDonald was a favorite of the conservative movement. He was especially vocal in opposing world government. He warned Americans about the so-called New World Order. In the years since his plane was shot down, the European Union has shown how foolish it would have been for Americans to have gone along with a New World Order. The European Union established international courts, budgets, and currency. Time has revealed the truth behind Congressman Larry McDonald’s warnings about a New World Order. He was a major leader in fighting the Communist threat to the United States. Some described him as “the most dangerous enemy the Communists had.” He emphatically warned about Communist infiltration of the U.S. government. He greatly admired Senator Joseph McCarthy’s work to identify Communist agents our government.

The Soviets were so eager to get rid of Larry McDonald that they took advantage of his plane trip to Asia to commit that spectacular crime. They virtually admitted their complicity by refusing to provide any records, wreckage or remains. Congressman Larry McDonald was an American hero and we should honor his leadership in the battle against Communism.

schlafly 2Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

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