Court Restores Law Protecting Women and Unborn in Texas


New Orleans, LA—A federal appeals court has reinstated the new abortion regulations in Texas that will require abortionists to have admitting privileges and limit the use of abortion-inducing drugs. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ordered a stay of a district court opinion, which will enable the new regulations to go into effect while the case is argued.

The appeals court ruled that the requirement that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges is likely to succeed. The court found, “The State offered evidence that such a requirement fosters a woman’s ability to seek consultation and treatment for complications directly from her physician, not from an emergency room provider. There was evidence that such a requirement would assist in preventing patient abandonment by the physician who performed the abortion and then left the patient to her own devices to obtain care if complications developed.”

The appeals court also reinstates the limits of abortion-inducing drugs. “We also conclude that the State has made a strong showing of likelihood of success on the merits, at least in part, as to its appeal of the injunction pertaining to medication abortions,” the appeals court ruled.

“These are commonsense regulations that protect women and unborn children,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “No woman would want to be left alone should an abortion lead to a healthcare emergency,” Staver said. “The court found, and most Americans would agree, that requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges in a hospital protects women from abortion-mill doctors, who travel from town to town giving abortions and then leaving town and their responsibility to care for the women after an abortion.”

Liberty Counsel salutes the hard-working people of Texas who have championed women’s health in fighting for these commonsense requirements, including former Liberty Counsel attorney and graduate of Liberty University School of Law, now State Representative Matt Krause, one of the cosponsors of this legislation.

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