Devotion to Liberty Does Not Grow Out of the Soil

Clarence B. Carson
Clarence B. Carson

Called Unto Liberty, 20th Century Sermons, Clarence B. Carson

The foundations of American liberty were conceived and laid in an overwhelmingly rural, agrar­ian, sparsely populated, and in­formal America. These founda­tions rested upon premises in­herited from the Old World and practices congenial to the New World conditions. There is, of course, no conclusive proof that the belief in individual liberty was simply a product of the American environment, and I doubt that it was. New soil can become the ground for new tyrannies if men are willing. My assumption is that the devotion to liberty grows out of faith, hope, belief, and de­termination before which condi­tions may be nothing more than an adjunct.

Source: Clarence B. Carson. Excerpt from his July 01, 1962 article in the Freeman, “Individual Liberty in the Crucible of History: Circumstances Hostile to Liberty.

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