‘I would like to be wrong about Negroes.’


I have received the favor of your letter of August 17th, and with it the volume you were so kind as to send me on the “Literature of Negroes.” Be assured that no person living wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a complete refutation of the doubts I have myself entertained and expressed on the …

Source: To M. Henri Gregoire, February 25, 1809

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Wise leaders are willing, even eager to be proven wrong.
Abbe’ Gregoire was a Catholic priest and French abolitionist. He published An Enquiry Concerning the Intellectual and Moral Faculties, and Literature of Negroes in 1808 and sent a copy to the President. This was Jefferson’s reply. The letter is not long and can be read in its entirety at the link following the excerpt. Here is a summary of the letter:

  1. He admitted he “entertained and expressed” doubts on blacks’ natural intellectual abilities and expressed those doubts “with great hesitation.” (Those doubts were in his 1782 book, Notes on Virginia.)
  2. More than any other person, he would like to be proven wrong and see blacks’ intellect established on equal footing with whites’.
  3. Those 1782 doubts were based on his limited experience within Virginia.
  4. Opportunities for blacks to develop their minds were limited and even less to use them.
  5. Their level of intellect should not affect their rights. The brilliance of Isaac Newton didn’t make him lord over anyone else.
  6. Blacks were gaining in public opinion in other nations. He was hopeful they would be once again be on “equal footing with the other colors of the human family.”
  7. He affirmed that the Abbe’s work would hasten “the day of their relief.”
  8. He thanked the Abbe’ for enlightening him and concluded with sincere praise and esteem for his correspondent.

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