Let us honor all teachers!


… respect and gratitude [are] due to those who devote their time and efforts to render the youths of every successive age fit governors for the next.

Source: To Messrs. Hugh L White & Others, May 6, 1810

Patrick Lee’s Explanation

Far-sighted leaders recognize the importance of teachers.
Mr. White and his associates were promoters of East Tennessee College. They had created a lottery to raise money and asked Jefferson if they might send him lottery tickets to sell to others. Jefferson declined for two reasons:
1. He didn’t get out much and would have no opportunity to sell them.
2. “And having myself made it a rule never to engage in a lottery or any other adventure of mere chance …,” he could not recommend it to others, no matter how noble the cause.

But it was a noble cause! He commended their efforts and concluded with this sentiment of praise for those who properly prepare young people for the future. An educated citizenry was essential for preserving the republic.

The majority of this letter was devoted to how a university campus should be arranged, the subject of an earlier post. It was the vision that became the University of Virginia, aka “the grounds.”

“Your ability to remain in character …
your command of Mr. Jefferson’s persona and mind,
and your facility in answering complex questions were impressive.”

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