Textbook Depicts Reagan as “Sexist”


A textbook used at the University of South Carolina has recently come under fire for its depiction of Ronald Reagan as sexist.

Campus Reform first reported on the textbook, which is used in a class at the University of South Carolina. It is entitled Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives and is written by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman.

A college sophomore at the University of South Carolina, Anna Chapman, told FoxNews.com, “This book goes out of its way to glorify liberalism and demonize conservatism.”

The text specifically portrays Reagan as a sexist: Reagan “ascribed to women ‘primarily domestic functions’ and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power during his presidency.”

Katherine Timpf from Campus Reform told Fox News, “Ronald Reagan appointed around 1,400 women to policy-making positions, not cookie making positions.” She also pointed out that Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court and Jeane Kirkpatrick to be ambassador to the United Nations.

Since the story dropped a few days ago, Amazon users have started an online review war on the textbook’s page, with some calling the book “very biased,” “misleading,” and “wrong on multiple levels.”

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