When the Wicked Rule the People Mourn

Brigham YoungCalled Unto Liberty, 19th Century Sermons, Brigham Young

We say that we live in a Republican Government, and we hold that we have the best national constitution in the world; but a wicked people will corrupt themselves and do wickedly under any government, and, in so doing, will sooner or later be destroyed. The most excellent human or divine laws are of no use to earthly or heavenly beings, unless they are faithfully observed . . . .

The American Government . . . is the best earthly Government that ever was framed by man, and the true and righteous are alone worthy of it. It cannot long be administered by wicked hands. “When the wicked rule, the people mourn.”

Source: Brigham Young, 1862. Excerpts from Journal of Discourses, Volume 9, p. 4, 332, 368.

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