So Long Edison’s Light Bulb!


The greatest invention of Thomas Edison, America’s greatest inventor, was the electric light bulb that brought light into the homes of Americans and ended dependence on candles. The environmentalists and the climate control extremists, have had a long grudge against light bulbs. They won their battle on New Year’s Day this year when federal energy regulatory busybodies started prohibiting the manufacture of 40-watt and 60-watt light bulbs that had been a staple in American homes for more than a century. The 100- watt and 200-watt bulbs had already been forbidden the previous year. We didn’t hear a chirp from the bulb manufacturers, they had already retooled their factories to accommodate the new regulations.

Republicans in the House of Representatives had passed several measures to block the government’s plan to take away our favorite light bulbs. But those bills never got through the U.S. Senate. The new style bulbs that we are now permitted to buy are more expensive. The environmentalists claim the new bulbs last much longer and waste less energy, but I don’t believe it. The ones I’ve bought all burn out in a shorter period of time – I’ve been counting the days. I’ve found that light bulbs in hotel rooms, even in expensive hotels, do not emit enough light for comfortable reading.

I’m not sure this issue is going away. It’s a sign of government ordering us what we can buy to use in our own homes. I echo what one commentator said: “The administration cannot win wars, cannot solve the drug problem, cannot balance a budget, cannot even get a website to work, but they think they’re smart enough to tell us what kind of light bulbs we can use.” This is nanny-state government. This is one big problem we cannot blame on Barack Obama. The law making our favorite light bulbs illegal was signed by President George W. Bush in 2007.

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Contributing Editor, Phyllis Schlafly, is the Founder and President of Eagle Forum, a national radio show host, and a best-selling author.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.